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  • Label Seraph Trance Station has been organised in 1999 year. Preceded it biennial work, both separate performances, and the organisation of the first a psy-trance party in Krasnodar, Russia. After that, it has been decided to create promogroup as new people who wanted connected to this movement have entered into a dialogue orbit. From the moment of creation we have organised and have spent tens actions for all South of Russia, inviting the famous DJs and musicians of Russia. We took active part in preparation and carrying out party, organised by other promotion groups, both in the Krasnodar, and behind its limits. Now, the group structure includes five constant members, each of which differs the especial approach to stylistics, perception, and way of presentation of a musical material.

    Project Galaxy became result of our joint creativity by radio. «When there comes night and stars become brighter…» – This slogan became certain mark of our aethers. Their idea it, symbiosis of directions and styles a music trance. At sources of creation of the program stood, as well as at present is its inspirer Michael Acid aka Dj.Acid. Arisen in 2003 as the high-grade radio, radio-project broadcasting on waves of various radio stations of Krasnodar town, has gradually found the shelter on Internet open spaces, in new quality podcast, having won love of adherents a trance and chillout music.

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